The Pacquiao Predicament

My blog has centered around design related topics but I’ve been meaning to open it up to discussion beyond that scope. Due to Pacquiao’s recent predicament and the chain of social buzz that followed, I thought this was a great opportunity to discuss this pressing topic and personally express my viewpoint. There are two things I follow passionately in the… .....Continue reading

Dutch Illustration Artist Parra

I was recently reminded of an amazing Dutch illustrator named Parra when the SF MOMA announced that his work would be featured there. I dropped by the exhibit expecting to see a great collection of his work but they only had a large wall mural in black and white. Its still cool nonetheless but I was really hoping to see his work in the vibrant warm and vintage color tones… .....Continue reading

Logos of Educational Channels

I rarely watch television but I was able to catch the logo revisions of several educational channels that underwent a more simple and iconic approach in the past year. I am a huge fan of simplifying the communication channel towards your target audience base in every possible aspect and the channels I am about to discuss exemplified that in their new logo treatments. I just wanted to give recognition to… .....Continue reading

An Interview with Nico Puertollano

Nico PuertollanoWith so much history and a large population tied to the language, its always perplexed me why there isn’t more work on Alibata, an ancient writing script of the Philippines. Also known as Baybayin, I had referenced this writing in a previous post revealing some of its history and displaying my work with the language. While I’ve studied it throughout the past few years, working to better understand and experiment with the language and typeface, many times I have wished to see other artists who work with the script and apply a modern style to the historic font in order to garner the respect of the design world today.

Meet Nico Puertollano, an artist hailing from Mandaluyong City of the Philippines with his upbringing in New York City. .....Continue reading

The sounds of Die Antwoord

Die AntwoordHey Peeps, just wanted to share this fresh music group from Cape Town, South Africa that I discovered online – the same way they exploded onto the music scene. They call themselves Die Antwoord, meaning “The Answer” in the Afrikaans language, and their beats and music are hot. The crew is made up of a lead MC who calls himself Ninja, a singer who goes by Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and a DJ Hi-Tek (not to be confused with the man who collaborated with Talib Kweli’s Reflection Eternal album). They are quirky, humorous, talented, and unique.

The group was formed in 2009 and frequented the blog world in order to promote themselves. Nine months later, they created the .....Continue reading

Nemo in Portland Oregon

Nemo DesignIf you haven’t found Nemo yet, then you haven’t been looking hard enough. It has been in Portland, Oregon for quite some time. I refer to Nemo as “it” and not “the fish” because I am talking about the Nemo Design Studio. Please forgive me, I couldn’t resist referencing the popular Pixar film because I am extremely cheesy and corny. Aside from the horrible intro, I am writing about this company because of my visit there today. A good friend of mine who has been with them for almost 5 years brought me on board to help out with some of their extra work. I had visited the facility before because my BFA show was hosted there 5 years ago but I had forgotten how awesome the place was inside. As soon as I set foot through the door I was greeted by hallway full of great work which currently holds various custom painted bicycles and an assortment of prints. The work environment is made for a designer – artwork is flooded throughout the office and many desks are covered in toys, trinkets, books, posters, and .....Continue reading

Tribute to my Lolo

Lolo and GrandchildrenToday marks the 1 year anniversary of my Lolo’s passing. One year ago on this day, my entire family was together at the hopsital my Grandfather was staying in, comforting each other for what was expected to come. I flew in from California to see him and the moment I entered his room he flashed his trademark smile at me to signify his joy of being together with another one of his Grandchildren. That is one of the moments during that stay at the hospital that stick out most in my mind – that he was able to still smile despite all of the pain and suffering that he was going through. My Grandfather was a man who was always devoted to the well being of his entire family and .....Continue reading

Graphic Artists of the Philippines

Inksurge IllustrationIn the design world, graphic work is recognized in countries like the US where corporate design is top notch, Germany from its Bauhaus influences, or Switzerland and its modern, minimalist approach and excellent playful work with typography. While these countries have played essential roles in shaping the design industry standards today, the world is full of talented designers in all of its corners.

Throughout the art history courses in school, we were taught about the design influences of major countries throughout Europe or the United States. Rarely did the teachings go beyond that region. Japan was an exception (they have to be with their ingenious design processes and developments). Frequently during those classes I would think to myself, “What about the graphic work of countries in Latin America or .....Continue reading

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