Yahoo acquires Distill


Congrats to the Distill team, former coworkers and close friends of mine, for the acquisition of their company to Yahoo. Stories like this are inspirational and make me aspire to continue to work hard to make an impact through my work. All purple everything now for the Distill crew:

Flappy Bird Fanatics on eBay

Looks like people really miss Flappy Bird, the app game that came out nowhere to rise to the top of the charts and was recently taken down for good by the developer because it changed his simple life in more ways than he could handle. People miss it so much that they pay upwards of $20k for it on eBay…really?… .....Continue reading

Redesigning digital conversations

Online conversations have maintained a very similar interaction model and format since I started using online chats through AIM (AOL’s now defunct instant messenger for all you younguns) back in the mid 90’s when Westcoast rap was arguably at the top of its game. Each comment is listed in a chronological order with your chats on one side and everyone else’s on the other. Its a very strict, rigid, vertical… .....Continue reading

Beep – music streaming throughout your house

3026279-slide-i-beepcopperCongrats to the Beep team for the big launch of their wireless audio streaming player. I got the chance to check this out myself when I met the team and the sound quality it delivered was phenomenal. In addition, there were no hiccups in the audio transfer from the device to the speaker which is a difficult engineering feat to accomplish. Check… .....Continue reading

Home in Portland

I was fortunate to be back for 2 weeks over the holidays in the city that raised me – good old Portland, Oregon. Technically, I actually grew up in a suburb southwest of Portland known as Tigard, Oregon, but since most are familiar with Portland so I will stick to that.

Despite the fact that during those two weeks I had to work for one of them and… .....Continue reading

Perspective on Microsoft’s Windows 8


I know this may seem dated since Windows 8 was released nearly a year and a half ago but I recently ran across this interesting article on #fastcompany that analyzed Microsoft’s Windows 8:

While I’ve always been a fan of the design since the initial concept was disclosed to… .....Continue reading

Redesigning our fragmented health care system

Every time you visit a new doctor, you’re always asked to complete the standard questionnaire that outlines your profile and medical history. This is the same form you’ve completed in all of your previous medical visits that asks for your standard vitals: name, age, medical history, etc. None of the essentials have changed yet you’re asked to define them time and time again. Wouldn’t it be great to define all… .....Continue reading

New begging signs for the homeless?

I ran across an article through one of my social streams a few weeks back that detailed a project of 2 graphic designers in Boston, MA that aimed to help the homeless. They redesign the signs that the homeless use for begging in hopes that it will capture more attention. Well, its obviously made it online and when I saw that it reached onto Fast Company, a popular… .....Continue reading

Technology through Progressive & Adaptive Learning

Just sharing a couple of great reads that I’ve taken in recently from Fast Company Design. These articles reference important principles that I think should be taken in high regard when designing for an optimal user experience.

Progressive Learning
The 1st is based on the principles of instilling progressive skill acquisition in technology:


Its important… .....Continue reading

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