Adam Friedman Exhibition: Esoterica

A friend and former classmate of mine has a solo exhibition going on at the One Grand Gallery in Portland, Oregon. I’ve seen his work progress from our days in college and its truly fascinating to see it all in person. To me, his pieces tap into the surreal and psychedelic realms by interpreting our natural surroundings beyond the ways we generally perceive and process it. I’m highly… .....Continue reading

Secret App

I’ve been infatuated with the app known as Secret – a platform that allows users to anonymously post their innermost thoughts. Anonymity enables people to freely express themselves with no significant repercussions and leads to a feed of interesting and captivating content. Your feed displays content posts from users within your social network, whether they be a direct friend or a friend of a friend. Personal barriers are… .....Continue reading

Pardon my Hindi @ Asian Art Museum SF

Pardon my Hindi, the work of of my former colleague Chiraag Bhakta, has an exhibit up at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. His work aims to explore content around his culture, many times through clever social commentary. The exhibit is titled “White People Doing Yoga” which aims to examine the appropriation and commodification of another cultural entity. Below is a great excerpt from the speech he gave at… .....Continue reading

Modular Phones


I’ve been itching to get away from the iPhone and try something new. The Android OS has always been appealing to me because it presents something entirely new and my recent work on a startup’s Android app has intensified that desire. On top of that, I actually haven’t been a huge fan of the newer iPhones. The reason? The… .....Continue reading

Diane von Furstenberg LACMA Exhibition

Dropped by the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) in a recent trip to LA to see some amazing patterns from the DvF (Diane von Furstenberg) exhibit. Diane von Furstenberg is a famous fashion designer known for her signature textile patterns worn by many famous celebrities including Michelle Obama and Madonna. Unfortunately I only captured a few images of my favorite patterns from the collection which are shown below… .....Continue reading

Time to buy Bitcoin?

With the recent hack into one of the Bitcoin markets and a few of the large Bitcoin exchanges freezing their services, it has driven the price of Bitcoin down considerably. I’ve always been a huge fan of virtual currency and unfortunately missed out on my chance of investing into Bitcoin when it was a mere few dollars because I was unaware of its existence. Now that the price has driven… .....Continue reading

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