App: Monkey Parking

Another seemingly simple app that can benefit those who live or visit a crowded metropolis where parking can be a nightmare: Monkey Parking

The concept is essentially a peer to peer parking program where those who have parking spaces in the city can rent those spaces out to others for as low as $5. Considering many parking garages in the city of SF are extremely pricey and parking… .....Continue┬áreading

Redesigning our fragmented health care system

Every time you visit a new doctor, you’re always asked to complete the standard questionnaire that outlines your profile and medical history. This is the same form you’ve completed in all of your previous medical visits that asks for your standard vitals: name, age, medical history, etc. None of the essentials have changed yet you’re asked to define them time and time again. Wouldn’t it be great to define all… .....Continue┬áreading