Modular Phones


I’ve been itching to get away from the iPhone and try something new. The Android OS has always been appealing to me because it presents something entirely new and my recent work on a startup’s Android app has intensified that desire. On top of that, I actually haven’t been a huge fan of the newer iPhones. The reason? The… .....Continue┬áreading

Bamboo Bikes from the Philippines

Bamboo BicycleAfter writing an article about wood constructed eyeglasses, it reminded me of a bicycle I discovered through a magazine in the Philippines made primarily of bamboo. The article outlined a graduate student’s journey to the Philippines to concentrate on his studies and ended up applying them to the sustainable production of these bicycles. Not only was it stylish and .....Continue┬áreading

Gold & Wood Eyeglasses

Gold & Wood EyeglassesDuring my trip to Las Vegas this past weekend, I was wasting some time in one of the countless shopping malls and peeked my head into one of the eyeglass shops since I am in dire need of a new pair. Although I am primarily in the market for a nice pair of full frame, black plastic spectacles, there was one pair that caught my eye that was designed by Gold & Wood of Paris. The company name is a literal translation of what made them popular – their frames are constructed of wood with gold inlay. The pair that grabbed my attention had .....Continue┬áreading