Kamcord raises Series A Funding

Congrats to the Kamcord team on the raise: http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/01/kamkord-the-sdk-that-allows-you-to-record-mobile-games-raises-7-1m-from-translink-capital/

Kamcord has built an SDK that enables mobile gamers to record and share gameplay. Mobile gaming has exploded over the years, catering to traditional gamers but also reaching out to those who don’t classify themselves as gamers… .....Continue reading

Yahoo acquires Distill


Congrats to the Distill team, former coworkers and close friends of mine, for the acquisition of their company to Yahoo. Stories like this are inspirational and make me aspire to continue to work hard to make an impact through my work. All purple everything now for the Distill crew: