Secret App

I’ve been infatuated with the app known as Secret – a platform that allows users to anonymously post their innermost thoughts. Anonymity enables people to freely express themselves with no significant repercussions and leads to a feed of interesting and captivating content. Your feed displays content posts from users within your social network, whether they be a direct friend or a friend of a friend. Personal barriers are removed and emotions can run rampant. Every time I open up the app I have a hard time putting it down because of what is expressed on there – whether the content is serious, humorous, or ignorant, its all highly entertaining.

The following quote in the screengrab from a user brings up a very interesting point when you compare this app to other social platforms:

photo 2

The humor that results from some of the posts make it hard to stop reading through your feed:

photo 1

They’ve also recently updated the app that displays the proximity distance on each post in relation to where you are located. This increases the gamification of the app where it is fun to try and figure out who in your social sphere is posting. The app is only currently available on iOS but likely expanding to the Android scene soon.

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