The sounds of Die Antwoord

Die AntwoordHey Peeps, just wanted to share this fresh music group from Cape Town, South Africa that I discovered online – the same way they exploded onto the music scene.  They call themselves Die Antwoord, meaning “The Answer” in the Afrikaans language, and their beats and music are hot.  The crew is made up of a lead MC who calls himself Ninja, a singer who goes by Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and a DJ Hi-Tek (not to be confused with the man who collaborated with Talib Kweli’s Reflection Eternal album). They are quirky, humorous, talented, and unique.

The group was formed in 2009 and frequented the blog world in order to promote themselves.  Nine months later, they created the video for their single “Enter the Ninja” which made them an instant international sensation online.  Within a week of the video’s online debut, their website attracted millions of hits around the globe, eventually crashing their server.  Their album “$0$” comes at the price of its title – it is a free download that will be available soon for their fans.  Below is the video that allowed them to reach out to millions of fans at the international level.  If you like what you see, also listen to this song, its one of my favorites with a bangin’ beat.  It never ceases to amaze me how the web has allowed people to market themselves with relative ease and enable them to potentially reach an international audience in a short time.  The entire process can be efficient in time and money.  This group attracted millions of new fans around the world in 1 WEEK.  That is amazing.  For more information on Die Antwoord, visit their website to preview their music and videos and keep an eye out for when their album is ready to download:

2 thoughts on “The sounds of Die Antwoord

  1. I think they are full of shit…its alright though, the world is already a shit breeding ground. Their music is crazy-right, but the way they are going I don’t think they’ll handle stardom.

  2. Agree with you on the fact that the world has got lots of wack things going on but Antwoord’s work captivates me. Maybe its their unique style and humor combo that gives them that kick. I am definitely curious to see how far they can take themselves. Hope they continue to ride the wave of success.

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