Bamboo Bikes from the Philippines

Bamboo BicycleAfter writing an article about wood constructed eyeglasses, it reminded me of a bicycle I discovered through a magazine in the Philippines made primarily of bamboo.  The article outlined a graduate student’s journey to the Philippines to concentrate on his studies and ended up applying them to the sustainable production of these bicycles.  Not only was it stylish and beautifully designed with its frame built from the raw wood, the article noted the various ways that it helped contribute to the developing communities that build them.  Many of the locals are already skilled woodworkers so they quickly pick up the art of crafting these bicycles.  This has opened up a new job market for the community.  The raw material of bamboo is abundant in these areas and grows quickly, making it a replenishable resource that’s easily accessible.  This eliminates the need to import the metals that typically make bikes.  The profits from these bikes also help contribute to the local economy.  Lastly, the production of these bicycles promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle as they encourage consumers to use bicycles for transportation.

I did as much research as I could online to provide a link to this student’s work but only found information on the original designer of the bamboo bike, Calfee Design.  They create a variety of custom bikes but information on the bamboo bikes can be found on their affiliate site:  It could be that the graduate student I discovered in the article worked to introduce the Calfee bamboo bikes in the Philippines.  These are beautiful bikes and I would love one to accompany my Bianchi road bike in the garage.

Below is a video that displays the bike builders working diligently in their art, accompanied by some good old San Miguel to help them get the job done.

16 thoughts on “Bamboo Bikes from the Philippines

  1. I think I might be the graduate student you speak of. I am no longer a student because the bambike project has become my full-time endeavor. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like.

  2. That’s awesome you were able to find my blog Bryan. I saw an article on you and your work when i was visited the Philippines during the fall of 09. That is some awesome work that you do. I’ll be in touch. Keep it up! 🙂


  3. I stay in the Philippines for some month every year. Does anyone know where I can buy a bamboo bike here?

  4. Hi Clemens, feel free to email Bryan who has also commented on this post. His email is Thanks for checking in and for supporting not only environmentally sustainable products but sweet industrial design. 🙂

  5. i want two or more of this bike too. I want to bring it to the States and show it to the world of how Bryan made and share his invention to this generation. Hats off to you Bryan!!!

  6. hello guys,

    i am avid biker and i own a mountain bike. i am aware of this bambike and its fantastic.

    bibili ako nyan pag may budget nako for another bike.


  7. please visit the website in the post to find contact the business owner. I am not sure what the price is for a beautiful bamboo bike these days. salamat for visitng!

  8. please visit the website that is shown in the blog post. you should be able to locate the business owner on there and get in touch with them directly. thanks for visiting Makilaban!

  9. Hi there I live in Angels city pampanga. I am interested in purchasing a plain simple bamboo cycle. Where can I see on and howb much will be the cost. br Gary

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