YouTube Go

Check out what I have been working on for the past few years in the Android Play Store:

YouTube Go is an app built specifically for Emerging Markets



Career Goals

I’m nearing my 1 year mark at YouTube, a video platform that is a subsidiary company of Google (which is now actually a subsidiary of a newly formed umbrella called Alphabet as of a few days ago), and wanted to take the time to reflect on where I’m at in my career and my journey up until this point. Not only is this reflection an output from my anniversary timing but… .....Continue reading

Monthly Product Review : Sonos Play 5

As part of a new monthly series, I am going to attempt to product review on some new consumer technology. Beyond sharing my personal experiences with new technology to interested viewers, this also gives me the chance to practice some quick movie shooting and editing. In this initial review, I shot this all with an iPhone 6 and edited it directly with the iMovie app. All footage was performed in… .....Continue reading

Yahoo Acquires Cooliris

cooliris-yahooCongrats to the Cooliris team on their acquisition by Yahoo. Cooliris was actually the first startup that I joined when I moved to the Bay area around 7 years ago. It served as the bridge I crossed to move from purely marketing/graphic design to get into product design. The experience enabled me to begin understanding the dynamics of what it takes to… .....Continue reading

Cukui SF Store Opening

Cukui, a clothing company that spawned from my talented friend Orly Locquiao of Humble Beginnings Tattoo and his partner Sam Rodriguez, is expanding and opening up another retail location on Haight street in San Francisco. Their grand opening is today, August 2nd, from 11am-7pm in conjunction with the grand openings of Diamond Supply Co. and… .....Continue reading

Google Cardboard VR Headset


Your very own cost effective DIY Virtual Reality headset from Google! Just released yesterday following Google I/O. I got a chance to play with one in the office and its a pretty sweet experience. Follow instructions in the link below if you want to make your own!

Xbox One Review

Finally added the Xbox one to my home media center alongside my PS3. Its been about a month since I’ve owned it so I figured I’d write a follow up review. I was eager to test out Kinect’s capabilities, voice command controls, and Microsoft’s desire to define an “all-in-one home entertainment system”.

Visual Interface
Although its been in the market for a few years now, the… .....Continue reading

App: Monkey Parking

Another seemingly simple app that can benefit those who live or visit a crowded metropolis where parking can be a nightmare: Monkey Parking

The concept is essentially a peer to peer parking program where those who have parking spaces in the city can rent those spaces out to others for as low as $5. Considering many parking garages in the city of SF are extremely pricey and parking… .....Continue reading

Kamcord raises Series A Funding

Congrats to the Kamcord team on the raise:

Kamcord has built an SDK that enables mobile gamers to record and share gameplay. Mobile gaming has exploded over the years, catering to traditional gamers but also reaching out to those who don’t classify themselves as gamers… .....Continue reading

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